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From Vancouver to Taft...and back?: Tin Tiamzon's Volleyball Growth

Ernestine Grace Tiamzon or, as most of you know her, Tin Tiamzon, will be going back to her hometown in Vancouver, Canada after she finishes her volleyball stint here in the Philippines to fulfill her end goal

With the COVID-19 pandemic that canceled UAAP Season 82 leaving them with just one game, she stated that she will come back for another year if it will permit so she “could finish what she started” and complete her playing year is a senior.

“Sayang talaga because I felt like our team was there – we all had the same goal,” the De La Salle Lady Spiker outside hitter said in the 9th episode of The Hang Time Podcast.

Given the chance that the season is not canceled and they make it to the finals, she forecasts that they will be playing against the UST Growling Tigresses because of their notable players coming back and solid recruits coming in. However, if she had the choice, she would rather face the Ateneo Lady Eagles due to the significant rivalry that exists between De La Salle and Ateneo.

“Iba talaga yung feeling kapag Ateneo yung kalaban mo sa finals, it’s a fun rivalry,” she said. (It really feels different when you play against Ateneo in the finals, it’s a fun rivalry)


When comparing herself now to when she was a rookie, Tin, is grateful for her entire stay at La Salle, due to the growth that she has experienced as a result of her team, management, coaches, and everything in between.

“I’ve grown immensely as a person, I’ve come to accept who I really am, all aspects of me, and I’ve become more honest with my friends, my family, and myself.”

Now that she’s a senior, Tin is in a much more "chill" mode than she was before. This feeling of being "chill" is a result of Tin focusing more on the experience of playing what she loves rather than filling herself with immense pressure. While there will, no doubt, still be pressure along the way, it will be a different kind of pressure than the kind that she experienced when she was a junior.

“Iba talaga kapag senior ka na kasi you know that it’s your last and you’re just enjoying the game instead of feeling pressured all the time,” she stated.

“[Also] pressured in a sense na gusto kong tapusin nang maayos yung career ko in La Salle, it’s a good pressure na gusto mong mag-leave ng lasting legacy katulad ng mga ate before you,” she added. (I’m also pressured in a sense that I want to end my La Salle career in a positive note, and it’s a good pressure that you would want to leave a lasting legacy just like the previous seniors.)

Tin Tiamzon is sure that she will be flying back to Vancouver and continue her life there but it’s still not certain if she will continue playing professionally as other career paths may be waiting for her potentially arranged by her dad, such as working at border security.

Currently, she is continuing to do conditioning exercises so she won’t be out of shape if ever that volleyball season comes back, and to relieve stress, she has also been painting and playing the piano.


Listen to the entire interview of Ernestine (Tin) Tiamzon (Episode 9 of The Hang Time Podcast) with one of the links below. Thank you and enjoy!


This piece was written by Carla Molina, a common contributor for Globally Ballin check out the link below to see all the articles by Carla Molina that revisit past episodes of the network in bring the story of the guests to article form as well.


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