Game Week w/David Meza

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Our fans should be stoked! This is a new era of European football. It’s going to be actioned packed with some of, if not the best talent in all of Europe. I think the ELF will be huge for European football in the future. Modeling after the NFL with rules and branding (NFL Europe) is great. I truly believe it can be popular enough to have large fan bases in other continents. The potential for growth is unmeasurable; it is an absolute privilege to be a part of the beginning of it.

Every one is excited our team! We get to travel down to Barcelona for the kickoff of the ELF’s inaugural season. It’s going to be awesome, and the team is ready. Our team is young, and can be goofy at times, but we know how to take care of business. The fans can expect us to win, while we do it in a fun and entertaining fashion.

It's a 1-0, mentality. One step at a time will take us further than we can imagine. So right now our goal is to leave Barcelona with a win.Personally i’m thrilled to be here in Europe, and ecstatic to play for the Stuttgart Surge. Fans, feel free to reach out! Lastly, GO SURGE!

David Meza


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