Game Week w/Kendral Ellison

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Moin Moin Sea Devils Fans,

It’s Game Week baby!! What more needs to be said? For months we’ve heard the doubters and the naysayers but we’ve also heard the supporters and fans. This game week isn’t just for us, but also for you! In the midst of a pandemic no one knew what would happen but with a vision from the top, hard work from the coaches, players and staff, and also the support from all of you, we are finally here!

For myself and for many involved in the organization this is the first game week in over a year or more. The nerves, anxiousness, and excitement are high. But the focus and attention to detail are also at an all time high. After envisioning it for so many years, we’ve finally gotten the best talent in the Hamburg and surrounding areas together on one team. That along creates a buzz and excitement like none other. Hamburg is my second home and I’ve been able to witness the talent the city has and produces year in and year out. Now all of that talent will stand together and represent 040 under one team. With an unmatched swagger, physicality and will to compete we will make sure that teams feel Hamburg. The days of being more excited to play an away game in Hamburg because of the Reeperbahn parties after are a thing of the past.

Make no mistake about it, we are ready for the challenges that come along with the European League of Football. True competitors seek out the best possible competition and we are set out to prove that we belong with the best that Europe has to offer. Though this is year one and just the start, the league has the potential to give all ball players throughout Europe the opportunity to compete at the highest level on this side of the globe. Show me a park where all the best ballers go to play and that’s where you’ll find us!

This team is Hamburg through and through. A core of 50+ guys from the area, ready to represent their home team. A team that enjoys competing with one another and holding each member, from top to bottom, accountable. A team that is biting at the bits to get their hands on someone else. But most importantly a team that is eager and excited to give you all something to scream and cheer about. If our practices and scrimmages are any indication, you won’t want to miss out! Big play, hard-hitting, action packed football! You will be entertained!

In a few days, for us and 7 other teams, the journey to Düsseldorf begins! There are many goals and expectations so it’ll be imperative that we execute at a high rate. If we are able to do so, we will find ourselves in great position. We want, no we need you all as our 12th Man. The louder, the more passionate, the crazier the better. The journey for ALL OF US starts this Sunday!

I’ll leave you with this. On June 23, 2007 the last World Bowl was won as the Hamburg Sea Devils defeated the Frankfurt Galaxy 37-28 in front of 48,125 screaming, passionate football fans. To this day, that game and that legacy is still talked about. So you can’t tell me that Germany is only soccer nation, its in you! Well now its time to create our own legacy. Prepare yourselves! The wave is here, so make sure you catch it!!

Kendral Ellison


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