Game Week w/Marius Kensy

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

It's Game Week an I'm super excited. Most of the players haven’t played a game in over 1.5 years because of the pandemic. The ELF has become the European competition that a lot of teams/leagues have tried to create, but have never succeeded. This league has all the tools to make it a success through all of Europe.

The team vibe is really good. We’re working really hard and the last few weeks everything is starting to click as it should.Teams should be preparing for us.

To the Centurions fans, you can expect a very physical team, explosive plays, excitement throughout all games, and good football! Our goal is to win one game at a time, prepare well for every game and reach the finals of course!

We can’t wait to meet you guys and play football for our fans again! It's Game Week!

Marius Kensy


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