Game Week w/Phileas Pasqualini

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

I’m really excited about this first game, I didn’t play last season because of covid in France, so I trained a lot instead and I’m in a hurry to test myself on the field and give a first win to the fans of Wroclaw and my teammates.

I see the ELF growing really fast, it’s becoming a great showcase for european athletes who want to try leagues like nfl or cfl. It’s very helpful for athletes like me and a good test because we will play against former ncaa div 1 or nfl players. Our team is really excited about the first game. We worked a lot to prepare this upcoming season and upcoming game. Very great chemistry between us and honestly, we will fight for the title this year.

We are ambitious and we have the necessary tools to compete, I believe we have a really good team. I’m very thankful to the panthers organization for the opportunity. The hard work is always rewarded, I and we will prove it saturday.

Phileas Pasqualini


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