Game Week w/Sebastian Gauthier

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

After Being without football for almost a year my excitement for padding up and going to war with my brothers is hard to describe with words, I prefer to show that on the field. Let’s just say it’s kinda like the same excitement as a kid knowing you going to Disneyland on the weekend. There is a lot of potential with the ELF and I have for time longing for something similar to NFL Europe to return. I also think it’s a great opportunity to showcase European talent in a professional and more widespread way compared to domestic leagues. From a fans perspective I think teams playing against each other from different countries is an exciting experience. As a fan to be able to follow your favorite team traveling to a different country watching them play is awesome. I also think it’s awesome that the league have acquired a tv-deal for fans not being able to travel.

As a team we are fired up and well prepared to go to Hamburg and kick some butt. The offense has a lot of confidence in executing on every down and our big play abilities with all our talented playmakers we have, it makes us very confident in being successful and scoring a lot of points. On the dark side of the ball we have a sense of urge to finally be able to go 100% and be as aggressive as coach Köslings defense is designed to be. We have have a lot of built up frustration that we have been saving to release in Hamburg on Sunday.

Our great fans can expect as always a very strong, aggressive and well coached defense with a lot of familiar players from previous years. Our fans can be confident that our defense will protect our end zone and leave it all on the field every drive and every game. The purple fans can expect that our offense will come out every drive to ware down opponents defenses with a very strong running game. Not to mention our arguably best receiving core in this league with huge potential for big plays. In conclusion, big hits, big plays, celebrations and an overall great show from team Galaxy can be expected.

The main goals for the team is without doubt to bring the first ever ELF championship to Frankfurt, that’s one for the history books and we take that seriously. We of course have sub-goals this season as well, one being getting better every week on both sides of the ball and as a team as whole. A other sub-goal the Galaxy franchise has is to wake up the sleeping Galaxy fan base and let everybody know that we are back and that we are “reaching for the stars”.

There are so many people I would like to thank for this so I will mention a couple. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that made this opportunity to play on the arguably biggest stage in Europe possible. I also want to thank everyone from the Galaxy franchise for doing their absolute best making this whole experience as good as possible for us players. And lastly I would to thank all my teammates and coaches for believing in my abilities, trusting me and always having my back- we are family.

Sebastian Gauthier


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