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Updated: Oct 19, 2021

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During this segment we chat with members of the locker room for some quick shooters to get to know who they are. In the 1st edition of Quick 10 we chop it up with Shazzon Mumphrey, newly signed QB for the Geneva Seahwaks

1. Which country has the best food you've had?

I’ve only lived in Germany, Denmark & Sweden of those three Germany had the best food. Super diverse with the types of foods. Fell in love with Döner day 1 & Schnitzel with spicy Hollandaise is Undefeated. 

2. Favorite gameday song? Tons of options, got a crazy playlist but one that’s guaranteed to be played is “I’m Me” by Lil Wayne

3. If you had to play another professional sports overseas, what would it be?

Basketball for sure


4. Your style of play is similar to who?

Probably have to say Donovan McNabb. Obviously not THAT level but style is similar. Not overly fast but really athletic & elusive. Looking to make the big play often (guilty of maybe forcing It sometimes). Kind of a quiet leader until a fire needs to be lit. 

5. Funniest teammate you've played with Overseas?

Too hard. Tie between Robin Sebeille from France Ben Von Jagow from Canada and the Englishmen Mykel Dalla Nixon. 

6. Your favorite athlete outside of football?

Devin Booker 

7. Most underrated sports movie?

Varsity Blues Doesn't get enough credit 

8. Top 3 QB's you've played against overseas?

Ooooh this is tough. Sooo many good ones. I apologize in advance to the Ballers that are left off the list but. Austin Gahafer (Potsdam 2018) Jadrian Clark (NYL 2018) & Terrell Robinson (Berlin 2018)

9. Top 3 countries you've visited overseas?

Sweden, Germany, Denmark 

10. What are you looking forward to seeing in Geneva?

I’ve heard it’s one of the coolest cities in Europe so just the city life and the fact that it’s basically France is amazing. The Alps are right there. & of course the team, the guys and coaches.

Looking forward to meeting and working with them. 



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