Quick 10 with Brandon

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Quick 10 is brought to you by K.Noah Teamwear.

During this segment, we chat with members of the locker room for some quick shooters to get to know who they are. In this edition of Quick 10, we chop it up with Brandon Revenel, a newly signed WR for the Helsinki Roosters

1. Who is your favorite Superhero?

-The Flash, speed kills!

2. What would be your weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse?

-Double-sided sword so I don't need to worry about ammo.

3. Who is the greatest WR of all time?

-Randy Moss, and it's not even close!

4. Favorite athlete outside of football

-LeBron James

5. Funniest teammate you've played with Overseas?

-Lorenzo, everyone will meet him this year!

6. In your opinion top 3 shows/movies on Netflix?

-Lucifer, Naruto, and The Flash

7. Most underrated sports movie?

-Coach Carter

8. Top 3 Cities you've visited while playing overseas and why?

-Barcelona, Ibiza, and London, because I made the most memories there!

9. What actor would play you in an action movie?

-Robert Downey Jr. in any of the Avengers or Iron Man movies.

10. What are your thoughts heading to Helsinki and message to the Rooster fan base!

-I'm incredibly excited, I can't wait to make new friends and bring another Championship to Helsinki!

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