Updated: Oct 19, 2021

This piece was written by Jamal Clay, a frequent contributor of Globally Ballin and the founder of "The Athletes Forum"

When the situation with COVID-19 got serious I was back home in Barcelona Spain, which was actually one of the countries most affected by the virus in Europe. At that time, I was planning to go play in Dresden in the GFL in April. I decided to visit my family and friends back at home before leaving for Germany for six months, but during that time things got serious in Spain and they locked down the country. So, I got stuck in my grandma’s apartment for about three and a half months without being able to go outside. Quarantine rules were very strict in Spain and you could only leave your house to go to the store or to the doctor.

It was a very challenging time from a physical standpoint but mentally as well. It was very hard to stay in shape only training bodyweight and band workouts and, it was very hard mentally to be locked down in a tiny apartment for such a long time. 

At the beginning I was very hopeful that the situation would get handled really fast so we could actually end up having a shortened season, but time passed by and it seemed like the situation was not improving. Right after the GFL got cancelled the Gold Diggers offered me to join their team and to come play here in Denmark. I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity to not only live in a new country where I’ve never been before but also to keep playing the game I love at a high-level.

I can’t wait for Saturday, I’m just excited to play football again. It’s been almost 7 months since the last time I played, and I just can’t wait to step on that field one more time.

I have only been here since Tuesday, but I think we have a very solid group on offense and on defense. We’re looking really good as a unit and I think we’ll be able to shock the league this season. Don’t sleep on the Gold Diggers, because we have one goal and one goal only and that’s the championship. 

I try to never take anything for granted. I think that with the COVID-19 situation I will cherish every game of the season a little extra. This year is going to be a very exciting season for me. I will be able to play several positions that I like and do different things that I wasn’t able to do last year. I think that will give me the opportunity to create a lot of mismatches and I will have multiple shots to make big plays throughout the season. Stay tuned on jersey #6 from the Gold diggers because big things are coming. 

My message to everyone is to live the moment. Enjoy what you’re doing because this stuff doesn’t last forever and that just applies further beyond football. Don’t take any opportunity for granted, be proactive on what you’re doing in the moment because you may miss out on the best things in life if you don’t. 



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