Updated: Oct 19, 2021

When Covid-19 started, the first thoughts were of course not very positive, I bet we all were sure that we would get no football this year. Sometime mid/late April things started to get better and it was like a new opportunity emerged, we attacked it with a very positive mindset to help us prevail. As the season kicks off this week our fans are as excited as we are about getting real football this summer. The effects of this pandemic I think are mostly felt by missing some guys due to various reasons, but I think the players are in about the same state as they would be in any year, just a few months late this time. To our fans enjoy every moment, we are blessed to get to play games this year.

Going into Friday’s game, I am sure personally I will have a lot of excitement. I know we have a good team and we've been doing a good job getting ready to play again, really starting last November. The nerves will kick in closer to kick off like always, and everything will likely feel as in a normal year, but now the buildup feels that much better. Let’s enjoy this opportunity! We will do the best we can on each and every game, and hopefully the Steelers faithful are again traveling well with us and once we get to our home stadium, lets rock Vänäri up like never before!

Coach Pekka

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