Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Innocently we think as Staff in the first instance that Covid-19 would be a passing situation. We simply comply with all the safety guidelines addressed by the authorities and continue to train on these basis. All this trying not to lose the good momentum that we have been working.

To our fans we are working tirelessly to be able to bring our AFC RENEGADES Zurich team to the level where we are used to being, and this is simply at the best level in Switzerland. I feel anxiety to see the development of our players on the field. Season 2020 will be a different season, Many teams will play here in Switzerland without imported players, which will lead us to an internal and general view of where Swiss Football is standing.

The mentality has been the same from the beginning, enjoy the process and take the best  that involves reaching our goal that will lead us to be a better team. We are ready for game day this Sunday in Witikon, we are waiting for you all. Aware of this special situation and supporting your team

Go Renegades

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