Updated: Oct 19, 2021

We had a very good pre-season and were just a week away from the 1st game when the league was cancelled. I was disappointed for our players, above all. Especially for Conner Manning and Max Gray.  They had planned to be here for 4 more months, we'd had a practice on Thursday night and the next Monday morning I'm driving them to the airport and they are quarantining in their parents homes for 2 weeks.  All players' lives were affected by this, but the disruption to Max/Conner's lives was pretty severe.

To all fans/all players of teams that are lucky enough to play, just enjoy each game as it comes.  Nothing is promised to us.  I think now is a great time to have understanding that everyone has been affected by this situation and we don't know by how much for each person.  Try to have patience with our teammates and even our opponents.  Heading into week 1 it is very strange.  It seems like another lifetime when I played.  I can remember coming home from practices my last season, strapping a bag of frozen peas to my shoulder and playing NCAA Football until 1-2 am.  Now I shower and get into bed as fast as I can to get a few hours of sleep before our daughter wakes us up.  I never would have dreamed 2020 would play out like this, but circumstances and choices have lead me to this moment and I'm just trying to forget everything else and just live in it.

Our players are hungry to play.  We miss football, we miss practicing and playing games and being together.  I think most teams would feel that way.  We have been practicing throughout the summer, so I don't think we'll be any more rusty than any other team.  I hope we are more grateful for the opportunity than we might have been in the past.  Especially since there a lot of worthy teams and players out there that cannot play right now.  We should not take it for granted.

I'll have a message to the team, but I keep that kind of stuff in-house, I will give a shout-out to the St. Gallen Bears.  They have had a great attitude about this game Saturday.  They are a NLB (2nd division) team, but are really motivated to play us and see it as a challenge that they will profit from.  We will show them the respect that they deserve by coming ready to play ourselves and giving them our best effort.  I can only say that I wish there was more of this competitive attitude in this country.


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