Updated: Oct 19, 2021

This piece was written by Jamal Clay, a frequent contributor of Globally Ballin and the founder of "The Athletes Forum"

To our fans,

I am very excited, because at first I was 100% sure that there is not going to be football this summer, but since we were able to tackle Covid well enough that we can play. Im happy that we can play again and our fans can enjoy Roosters football! 

Roosters fans, you guys are very football loving type of people who are always loud especially when needed! You guys are also hardcore loyal to the team, no matter if we are winning or losing! After that I want to say thank you for your fandom.

Going into week one I feel good and confident, at this point we are the only team who is going into the season without american imports, and it gives a good motivation boost to the team! The spring situation and the fact that we almost didn’t have football this summer, gives that extra excitement obviously! 

I feel our team is ready, we don’t need a special message from me. Personally I just Want togo out there and have fun! I play the best when I’m having fun and enjoying the moment! 

The way I’m feeling is simple, I just wanna go out there and play, I keep stuff simple, one game at the time! 

Miro Kadmiry 

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