Updated: Oct 19, 2021

This piece was written by Jamal Clay, a frequent contributor of Globally Ballin and the founder of "The Athletes Forum"

My thoughts when Covid-19 got serious obviously went to family and friends. When something like this happens all the ordinary stuff you usually think about doesn't seem as important as it normally does. Thankfully me or anyone close to me was not affected very seriously from this and I am truly blessed for that. 

I wasn't sure there would be a football season this year after it kept getting postponed more and more which impacted my motivation, but I kept working for it and used what I had at home to stay in shape so I would be ready if or whenever the season would start.

Finally we got the great news that football would be played in Finland, which was very exciting and it kick started my motivation to get after it even more.

I'm very pumped about our week 1 matchup against the Butchers. Obviously we've had very little time to install everything and come together as a team but I feel like we've made the most out of the situation and we'll be ready to come out swinging which is very important with such a short season. There isn't really time to have a slow start this season so we got to start rolling right away.

The emotions I'll feel when we step on the field on Saturday are of course excitement as I've already mentioned. We have all been waiting anxiously for this moment all year and I can't wait to go out there and play football. I know I got all my Royal brothers with me and we're going to go out and fight together as a team with our great coaches Stacey Thomas and John Booker leading the way!

I hope to see all the Royals fans in Vaasa at the opener ready to see some big hits and great plays in the kingdom at Kaarlen kenttä!


Nicholas Peterson

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