Updated: Oct 19, 2021

When cover-19 happen I was scared, so much was unknown and the only thing you heard was how many people died the day before. I thought about what is going to happen, how will it change everything and how long does it take until it's over. When it came to the season being cancelled, in the beginning I didn't think it would, but after some weeks I thought maybe there is a chance it could happen.

We have a bye week in the first week, but neither less I'm really excited and  just want to play football again against other teams and not against the same defense week in and week out. I'm already looking forward to playing against the Calanda Broncos, there we will see where we stand and we have to put on our A-game to have a chance against them.

I think our team has improved a lot compared to last year. We have some good new players mixed with some experienced players on both sides of the ball. The defense looks really good and on the offense, we have improve with every practice. It's hard to say how good we really are but we will see in week 2, where we standing.

When I step on the field I know I will be Just happy to be back on the field and to be able to play a competitive game again. We are ready as a team, but still, we need the fans against these opponents we face. Let's make our Homefield a placed to be feard and a place where the away team has nothing to get.

We all have a hard time behind us, let's come back together to get the best out of it and try to do the thing as normal as possible.

Go warriors!


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