Updated: Oct 19, 2021

The first game is coming up and I can't wait. 2020 has been a crazy year. Great practices, a lot of returning players, new imports about to show up, and suddenly everything was shut down. After months of being locked down only being able to do things in small groups on a player dictated level, and being in the unknown, the Danish government started opening up, and the Federation made a 4-game regular season schedule with a semi finale and finale playoff. 

Personally, I can't wait to get back out there, competing, having fun playing with and against friends. Game time in a small community like the Danish Football community is amazing.

Before I start naming who to look out for as offensive playmakers in the Danish National League, you need to understand that there are a lot of them here. A lot of Danish players and International imports who can create yards and score from anywhere on the field. I am therefore going to have to leave some guys out that I have huge respect for. Nevertheless, here is my list. 

1. Breon Allen, RB, AaB 89ers

As the best playmaker in Denmark, I have to go with my teammate and former Easter Caroline RB, Breon Allen. Breon arrived late as an import last year but still managed to become the leading rusher in the Danish National League, averaging over 9 yards per carry. He's a guy who can stop on a dime and make a whole defense look silly as hell! 

2. Niko Lester, WR/RB, Triangle Razorbacks

The first time I played against Niko, he single handedly beat us on what was probably the worst team in the league that year. He lined up at RB, on WR and LB and he made plays everywhere. Since then he played in Finland and returned to Denmark on a Triangle Razorbacks team much better than the old Horsens Stallions team he used to play for. Giving him a supporting cast definitely did not make him more fun to play against.

3. Thomas Ashworth WR, Søllerød Golddiggers

Thomas Ashworth might not be the biggest WR in the Danish National League, but he plays like it. He attacks the ball, is a ferocious blocker and loves to play special teams. When the ball is in the air, he plays like he's 6'3'' but when he has it in his hands, he uses his natural low center of gravity to make defenders miss. 

4. Lasse Lykke, RB, Aarhus Tigers

The strong, powerful back for the Aarhus Tigers has been menacing opposing defenses in the National League for several years now. Lasse is difficult to bring down, and he always finishes runs. He especially showcased this against the Netherlands for the Danish National Team last year, winning the MVP award for the game.

5. Anton Witmeur, RB, Copenhagen Towers 

Anton is a long, fast RB, who excels at finding the right gap, exploding through it and making plays that were designed to give the offense five yards into huge gains. His speed on stretch plays and outside runs makes it difficult for opposing LBs and DBs to take angles on him.

This is the first game, and things are different because of the virus, so there might be players coming back to Denmark to play instead of other places in Europe, there might also be some of these players who are not going to play this year, I don't know. But these are definitely five of the toughest Danish offensive players you can play against! 

I'm so stoked that we actually have a season, it is so much more than what you could have hoped for this year. Things leading up to this have been weird, but we are more than ready to take on the Søllerød Golddigger on Saturday. 

Peace Out


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