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Promoting leagues, spotlighting teams & opportunities, and telling players' stories

We at Globally Ballin, realized a bit ago that there are opportunities in sports around the world in which fans and athletes are ill informed. From professional football in Japan to professional volleyball in the Czech Republic, there are opportunities to play your favorite sport all around the world; learn about it together with us.

Through a number of different projects including, podcasts, video interviews and articles, Globally Ballin strives to succeed in delivering our mission to an audience around the world. 




Here at Globally Ballin, our mission is to, "Promote Leagues, Spotlight Teams & Opportunities, and Telling Players' Stories." Explore our website to see all of the different ways that we strive to accomplish the three goals in our mission. Thank you for your interest in what we do, your support is greatly appreciated!

At Globally Ballin, we are committed to innovation and excellence in media production. In line with this commitment, we utilize a combination of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) tools and human creativity and judgment in the creation, editing, production, marketing, and distribution of our content.

Our content is the result of a dynamic interplay between AI technologies and human oversight. This integrated approach allows us to harness the efficiency and capabilities of AI while maintaining the nuanced perspective that only human experience can provide.

We recognize that the use of AI in journalism and media is a subject of debate. While we understand and respect the concerns surrounding the use of AI in these fields, we firmly believe in leveraging the available technology to enhance our content and serve our audience better. The blend of AI and human input in our projects varies, tailored to the specific needs and nature of each project.

By engaging with our content, you acknowledge and accept that it may have been influenced or generated in part by AI, under the careful guidance and supervision of our team of professionals. Globally Ballin is dedicated to maintaining transparency in our use of AI and upholding the highest standards of journalistic integrity and ethical content creation.

Please note that Globally Ballin is not responsible for any misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the AI-influenced content. We strive to ensure accuracy and relevance in all our productions, yet we advise our audience to exercise their judgment in consuming our content.

For further inquiries or clarifications regarding our use of AI, feel free to contact us.

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