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Base Coverage ELF Mock Draft 2023

What if we took the 17 ELF Teams, plus the ELF All Stars (1st & 2nd team) from this past season, throw them into a pool, and draft them? Better yet let’s take all the American imports out of the equation and only draft the European talent and see where everyone ends up. Well, that’s what we have here, welcome to the Base Coverage ELF Mock Draft for the 2023 season. I wanted to leave the American imports out of this exercise and only focus on the European talent. Based on last year's performance, team needs, and potential direction, I drafted players for all 17 ELF teams depending on who I think would be the best fit for each team. I went with only the ELF All-Stars because these guys were voted the best of the best and, to be honest, there wasn’t a need to make this pool any bigger.

As a reminder, this mock draft is based on the following...

  1. The only players available are the ELF All-Stars voted last season

  2. Current teams roster (minus ELF All-Stars), players signed to those rosters, and how these guys fit

  3. taking into consideration needs, play styles, schemes

Also, I didn’t want to put the same player on the same team they were currently on which you’ll notice. With that being said let’s get it started and with the first pick the Stuttgart Surge select….

1. Stuttgart Surge - Glen Toonga RB

  • 2-20 in 2 years the Surge could use a lot, but most importantly they need offensive production BAD! Going with the top offensive European weapon Glen Toonga (1468 rushing yards 21 TD) with the number 1 pick is a no-brainer and a jump starter to the new era of the surge as they enter their 3rd season.

2. Cologne Centurions - Alejandro Fernandez DE

  • Defense has been holding back the Centurions for 2 seasons. A team that has had a top offense 2 years in a row can’t stop anybody. The secondary is probably the biggest need, but there is no need to reach with the number 2 pick. Let’s build the defensive line with Alejandro Fernandez. If our offense can keep putting up points he’s going to be in a position to do what he does best and that’s rush the passer.

3. Leipzig Kings - Sven Briedenbach OT

  • The kings need OL, they also need a Dawg! Turnovers and offensive line play hurt the Kings last year. Kings drafting LT Sven, a veteran, but also a bruiser who brings toughness to the OL group will be huge for them.

4. Wroclaw Panthers - Michael Habetin OT

  • Similar to their conference rival, the panthers were also hurt by injuries on the offensive line. This team has a solid skill position group already. They lose Thomas Filecca in FA, but they can reload by drafting Michael Habetin to rebuild up front.

5. Rhein Fire - Aslan Zetterberg DT

  • This is a Coach Tomsula pick right here. With a strong finish, this became more of a luxury pick. Knowing coach Tomsula, I can tell you, he is a guy who wants to dominate in the trenches. Aslan Zetterberg fits right in and brings nothing but havoc. He’s a guy that will clear the way for LB to shoot gaps, while also maintaining the ability to make plays off double teams.

6. Berlin Thunder - Jordan Bouah WR

  • Berlin is trending more toward a spread team. I sense a lot more 10 and 11 personal next season. If that’s the case, having someone like Jordan Bouah in that wide receiver group just makes things more dynamic for Donovan Isom. Someone who can take a screen 80 yards to the house and provide speed to take the top off a defensive. This is a luxury pick, but also, the Thunder need more wide receiver production in 2023.

7. Frankfurt Galaxy - Botella Moreno TE

  • Every QB loves their safety blanket. Botella Moreno has proven to be the most dynamic tight end in the league and he would fit perfectly in the Galaxy's offense. Jakeb Sullivan could use someone like Adria to expand their offense.

8. Raiders Tirol - Goran Zec DB

  • Arguably the best European DB last season, Goran Zec is exactly what the raiders need on defense. He is not only proven in coverage but also someone who can add in the run defense. More importantly, his versatility adds speed to the Raiders' back 7.

9. Barcelona Dragons - Lewis Thomas OG

  • The Dragons are heading into 2023 with a different team makeup. So, why not incorporate somewhat of a run game? Go out and get one of the best interior OL in the league in Lewis Thomas. Part of the number 1 rushing attack last season for the Sea Devils, Lewis played a big part in opening up holes for Glen Toonga. If I’m the dragons, I’m not gonna try and make this offense what it was last season. Let’s help out Conor Miller by building the run game.

10. Hamburg Sea Devils - Joachim Christensen C

  • In this mock draft, the Sea Devils are losing Lewis Thomas with 1 pick; and in a perfect world, there would be a European QB waiting to be picked with the 10th pick. However, with it being a QB league they probably wouldn’t even last this long. Let’s refill that OL by drafting Joachim Christensen. The defense is pretty much all set and the skill positions were never an issue. The main focus for the Sea Devils, here, is the QB and keeping the OL intact.

11. Vienna Vikings - Maxime Rouyer LB

  • Vienna runs an interesting defense and the versatility to have a LB like Maxime with some speed on the field only strengthens their defense in 2023. Rouyer would’ve been the 2nd leader in tackles last year for the Vikings.

What about the new teams you ask? Don’t worry we got them involved also. The order of the new teams was selected based on the order of the announcement to the league.

12. Enthroners - Robin Wilzeck WR

  • A dynamic QB like Gabriel Cunningham matched up with a speed guy like Robin Wilzeck will put a lot of stress on defenders. Robin got off to a slow start but arguably finished the season as one of the top wide receivers in the league last season. The Enthroners will be looking to make a name in year 1 of the ELF next season.

13. Milano Seamen - Tim Hanni DT

  • Milan signed two A-graded players at DB and they have some good homegrown guys at linebacker. Tim Hanni comes in with a championship pedigree and can dominate from the inside to boost this Milano Defense.

14. Helvetic Guards - Niklas Johansson OG

  • The biggest question all offseason for the Guards is about the big guys on both sides of the ball. I went offense here with Niklas Johansson. With what Norm Chow wants to do on offense with a solid run game and play-action pass, the more protection the better.

15. Munich Ravens - Nikolas Gustav DT

  • Looking at the big board and if you put the pieces together, of course, Munich dives into the Austrian pool for talent. With still a lot of holes to fill for the ravens they should work on the defensive line and bring Mr. Gustav to the Flock.

16. Prague Lions - Kevin Fortes DB

  • Make some noise for Kevin Fortes. He played a big part for that historic Sea Devils' defense last year and he was an NFL international combine participant. Let’s pair him up with Alabama defensive back Rogria Lewis as that Lion defense continues to build.

17. Paris Football Team - Thomas Schnurrer LB

  • There still are question marks on the defense the Paris Football Team is building. Therefore, they should solidify the middle by bringing in Thomas Schnurrer. An ELF Champion, top 3 tackler in the ELF last season, and the captain for the defense they are building.

How did I do? Let’s chop it up!


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