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Jolina Dela Cruz: A New Dawn for Farm Fresh Foxies?

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Where Will Jolina End Up?

Manila, Philippines – As the Premier Volleyball League (PVL) gears up for a new conference, the rumor mills are abuzz with the potential signing of one of volleyball's rising stars, Jolina Dela Cruz, by the Farm Fresh Foxies.

Last season's performance by the Foxies left much to be desired, finishing 10th out of 12 teams with a record of 2 wins and 9 losses. Their set ratio stood at 0.464, with 13 set wins to 28 losses, and a points ratio of 0.941, having won 878 points against 933 lost. Amid this backdrop, the Foxies are in dire need of a game-changer, and Dela Cruz could be just that.

Jolina Dela Cruz, a standout rookie from De La Salle University, made waves in her last conference with the F2 Logistics, a team now folding, leaving her future open. Her performance was nothing short of remarkable. Despite the team's overall struggles, Dela Cruz's individual stats speak volumes of her potential impact on any team she joins.

Her journey in the league started with a modest 2 points in her first game, where she played as a substitute. However, she quickly found her footing, scoring 11 points in both her second and third games, with an impressive 10 for 30 and 11 for 30 on spike attacks, respectively. Her fourth game saw her notch 13 points, earning the title of 'Best Scorer' for her team.

The highlight of her season came in a two game stretch starting with a face-off against her rumored new team, the Farm Fresh Foxies, where she scored a staggering 27 points, dominating with 25 for 62 spike attacks. She followed that up with a 30-point game, where she played all four sets despite the team's loss.

However, Dela Cruz's season was not without challenges. She sustained an injury in the second set of her final match with the F2 Logistics, raising concerns about her current fitness. Her injury status remains a closely guarded secret, adding a layer of intrigue to the speculation around her transfer.

Dela Cruz's potential move to the Farm Fresh Foxies could be a turning point for the struggling team. Her aggressive playstyle, proven scoring ability, and remarkable resilience make her an asset that could revitalize the Foxies' gameplay.

As the PVL fans and slooths await official confirmation, one thing is certain: Jolina Dela Cruz is a talent too significant to overlook, injured or not. If she does join the Foxies, it could mark the beginning of a new era for the team, potentially lifting them from the bottom ranks to become a formidable force in the league.

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