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Lindsey Vander Weide: PVL Triumphs with Petro Gazz to Pivotal PVF Impact

Lindsey Vander Weide, once the spearhead of the Petro Gazz Angels' triumphant campaign in the Philippines, now shines bright in the Pro Volleyball Federation (PVF). In an electrifying match at the Viejas Arena, Vander Weide was pivotal in securing the San Diego Mojo’s first win of the season, defeating the Grand Rapids Rise 3-1.

Key Contributions in the Mojo's Victory Over Rise: In the Pro Volleyball Federation face-off, Lindsey Vander Weide was a standout performer for the San Diego Mojo in their home opener win against the Grand Rapids Rise. The match on February 23, 2024, concluded with a scoreline favoring the Mojo: 36-34, 25-27, 25-23, 25-23. Vander Weide contributed a solid 14 kills to the team's offensive efforts. The opening set's extended rally, featuring multiple set points for both teams, ultimately went in favor of the Mojo, setting a positive tone for the rest of the game. Throughout the match, Vander Weide also provided defensive stability with 17 digs, supporting the Mojo in securing their first victory of the season.

A Glorious Chapter in the Philippines: Before her stint in the PVF, Vander Weide made a significant mark in the Philippines with the Petro Gazz Angels. She was the first guest player to win both the Best Import Award and the Finals MVP in the PVL Reinforced Conference. Averaging 23.38 points in the elimination round and an astounding 26.5 in the finals, Vander Weide led the Angels to their second Reinforced crown.

A Pivotal Force in the PVL: During her stint in the Philippines, Lindsey Vander Weide quickly became a household name among volleyball fans. In the PVL Open Conference of 2022/23, she played a crucial role in Petro Gazz's journey to the finals, where they faced a tough Creamline squad. Despite falling short in that championship run, Vander Weide and the Angels came back with a vengeance in the PVL Reinforced Conference of the same season. This time, they triumphed over the Cignal HD Spikers in the Finals, with Vander Weide leading the charge as the "Best Scorer" of the match. Scoring 19 points from 86 attempts, including 16 spikes, she was instrumental in Petro Gazz's four-set victory, sealing their stellar campaign after an initial straight-set win in game 1. Her performance not only showcased her scoring prowess but also her ability to deliver under pressure, cementing her status as a premier international talent in the sport.

Continued Excellence in PVF: The transition from the PVL to the PVF, which included a stop in Puerto Rico where her squad, the Changas de Naranjito, lost in the semi-finals, has been seamless for Vander Weide. Her recent performances for the San Diego Mojo reflect her versatility and adaptability. Her strategic gameplay and formidable presence on the court continue to earn her accolades and contribute significantly to her team's success.

Future Outlook for Mojo and Petro Gazz: With a boost from their home opener win, the San Diego Mojo (1-3) are gearing up for a series of home games, offering a prime opportunity to leverage their home-court advantage and improve their standing. Fans can track their progress at Across the Pacific, the Petro Gazz Angels have kicked off their PVL season on a high note. Holding a promising early record, they are expected to be key contenders for the playoffs in a tightly contested league. Follow their campaign at

Conclusion: Lindsey Vander Weide has made a home wherever she plays, from the enthusiastic crowds in the Philippines to the cheering fans in San Diego. As she continues to showcase her talent on the global stage, her journey remains a source of inspiration for volleyball enthusiasts everywhere. The San Diego Mojo and their fans are undoubtedly excited for what the rest of the season holds with Vander Weide on their roster.


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