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PVL Preview: PLDT High Speed Hitters vs Galeries Tower Highrisers

Filoil Arena - February 22: The PLDT High Speed Hitters are set to face the Galeries Tower Highrisers in a PVL clash this Thursday at the Filoil Arena. The match pits the new-faced and formidable PLDT squad, who finished 5th last conference, against the underdog Highrisers, who ended up 11th.

PLDT's New Three

Key Players and Dynamics: PLDT, despite missing team captain Mika Reyes, boasts significant new talent including Kianna Dy, Majoy Baron, and Kim Fajardo, with Kath Arado anchoring the defense. The Highrisers look towards captain Dimdim Pacres for leadership in this challenging match.

Expectations and Strategies: PLDT’s strong lineup indicates a game where they’re expected to showcase their dominance. In contrast, the Highrisers will be looking to disrupt these plans and create an upset.

Recent Form and Outlook: With their new signings, PLDT is anticipated to perform even better than their last 5th place finish. The Highrisers, on the other hand, are hoping to improve upon their previous performance and prove their critics wrong.

Venue and Stakes: Played at the Filoil Arena, the match offers no home-ground advantage, setting a level playing field. For PLDT, the game is about maintaining their high standards, while for the Highrisers, it's a chance to make an impact.

What to Watch For: For this match, it's pretty obvious what to look for; we need to see how well the former F2 stars fit with each other. It is also important to watch and see how the team does without Mika Reyes. If PLDT is going to have any chance at making a deep run this conference, they are going to need to play cohesively and to the best of their potential both without Mika and with the new faces. 

Prediction: While PLDT is widely expected to win, the Highrisers could provide a surprise, underscoring the unpredictable nature of the sport. However, in the end it is expected that PLDT will win in straight sets.


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