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So You Need an Agent?: An interview with Daniel Green

The world of professional basketball can get confusing especially for collegiate players who have just come out of the university and have no idea how to enter such an industry.

This is where sports agents come into the picture as they seek to and give opportunities for players with great talents and that have the potential in playing leagues whether overseas or locally, but were not immediately picked up by the bigger more dominant leagues.

Daniel Green is one of these people who helps players reach their passion in sports, specifically in basketball – he is the founder and CEO of Green Sports Management where they represent guys both domestically and internationally.

Aside from this, he is also the vice president of player representation in The Basketball League (TBL), a professional league outside of the NBA and the G-League, where players are given exposure to build their profile so they can play at the highest level according to their skills in the future.

“We’re pushing these player profiles and players to these leagues to get them [to] where they need to be which is playing at a high-level where their talents can get them,” Green said in the 26th episode of The Globally Ballin Podcast.

Even though his job revolves around representing players, which is debatably a necessity for every athlete who aspires to enter professional leagues. Green still advises not to choose just any agent out there and to assess the right agent for every player.

“It’s not just about having any agent; it’s about the right agent and the right league for your fit,” he says.

“If you’re looking for a reputable recognition as a player in regards to your representation, make sure they’re credible, maintains a high level of integrity, and has a great character,” he added.

Agents are also the tool for each player so that they could focus solely on increasing their skills and let the agent do their work in representing them for contract and salary negotiations with professional expertise.

“It’s not going to be what you potentially feel you should be making but if you do prove yourself in that first or second year, the rest of your career will take care of itself in terms of that pay and that salary escalating to where it use to be,” Green told Globally Ballin.

Good players are at a surplus, which is where The Basketball League comes into play; TBL is one of the new platforms to expose these players and get their talent somewhere further.

“TBL [is] providing [a] platform for these players, so you can definitely find high-level players that will help your team take you to the next level if you’re keen on finding the right players in that league,” he said.

Green is currently running their management's NBA Pre Draft Off-Season Training Program with 13 of their guys. They are currently in week 4 of an 8 week program.


The entire interview of Daniel Green (Episode 26 of The Globally Ballin Podcast) can be found with the links below.


This piece was written by Carla Molina, a common contributor for Globally Ballin check out the link below to see all the articles by Carla Molina that revisit past episodes of the network in bring the story of the guests to article form as well.


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