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Take it from Zac: The 16 year old CEO

Where were you during your sophomore years in high school? Probably just playing your way around puberty working on your academics and leisure. But for Zac Benalloul, he recognized that, instead, it was the perfect time to start and build a business built around something he was passionate

In December 2019, Zac was just 15 years old and a high school sophomore when he decided to start his sports management business, Benalloul Sports Management.

“But being pushed by a couple of my friends to really get into it and do what I love so early, it’s what really got me into the crack of business,” he said in the 53rd Episode of The Globally Ballin Podcast.

The journey was never easy for him especially due to the fact that he was still a minor and he needed certain certifications to get the business going; that’s when he met his 32-year-old partner and MBPA certified agent. With their, now, team of agents, Benalloul Sports Management continues to grow.

“I started off by making a lot of connections with people around the industry on Facebook, joining a lot of job openings groups, and just meeting and talking to people,” he said.

“That’s where I actually met my partner in the job openings group on Facebook and we decided to get in and started working together,” he added.


Listen to the full episode and interview with Zac Benalloul with the link below:


According to Zac, Benalloul Sports Management continues to be a unique agency that gives opportunities to more than just basketball players. In addition, Benalloul Sports Management works with athletes in other sports connecting them with opportunities in countries all around the map; these opportunities expand across areas like the USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia, to name a few.

Every week, they do a client strategy meeting where they decide where to place their guys. The is what the agency prides itself on, making sure that they are putting their players in the places and leagues wherein they will have a great performance thereby maximizing their opportunity.

“We’re really big on genuine relationship[s] and knowing that we are going to get our business down for you and we are going to make sure that it’s the best and high[est] quality you can get,” he said.

Having an agent is of great importance and for Zac, his age is not something that should be a root of doubt and distrust. Instead, while Zac is the face of the company, he is joined by a team of agents all contributing to make the agency work.

“We’re not very greedy people, we are funded by our great investors who are helping us out. Having us rather than no agent will take a lot of stress out of your hand especially because you will have a team who will put you in the right area instead of just going anywhere,” he concluded.

Zac Benalloul is a great reminder for everyone that if you are passionate about something, push yourself, and surround yourself with people who can give you the support you need to achieve your dreams. Age is just a number and should not be a hindrance in pursuing your goals; take it from Zac.


This piece was written by Carla Molina, a common contributor for Globally Ballin check out the link below to see all the articles by Carla Molina that revisit past episodes of the network in bring the story of the guests to article form as well.


The entire interview of Zac Benalloul (Episode 53 of The Globally Ballin Podcast) can be found with the links below.


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