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Tomoyuki Sugano Stays in NPR, Signs with Giants

The Yomiuri Giants were able to keep their ace pitcher and MLB hopeful in Tomoyuki Sugano. I dove into Sugano in a previous article (11/30) and projected him to sign with an MLB club for around two years and eight million dollars. With this prediction, there is no question as to why Sugano decided to stay in Japan. The Giants forked over a contract worth $40 million for 4 years (Ken Rosenthal) with options after each of those years so that he could still make the jump to the states if he wanted to.

Suguno was the highest paid player in the NPB making around $5.6 million in the 2020 campaign. This new contract blows away the one he was under a year ago as he is set to earn $10 million in 2021.

The Giants ace has intrigued many MLB teams including, but not limited to, the Blue Jays, Mets, Yankees, Red Sox, and Giants. It seems that no one could compete with the record setting offer that the Yomiuri Giants were able to offer. The Mets seemed to be the best fit, but it seems that they became content with their pitching staff after the acquisition of Carlos Corrasco in the Lindor trade.

This piece was written by Cade Carlson, a common contributor for Globally Ballin with an emphasis on international baseball.


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