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Developing Maturity in the Volleyball World

It was already after her college years at the Ateneo de Manila University when Dzi Gervacio admitted that she has changed her attitude as a player, from someone who has been so hard on herself to someone who accepted her mistakes and decided not dwell on it as much and move forward.

A lot of destructive thoughts filled her mind whenever she committed errors, especially during games that would then, later, result in snowballing more errors, which then led her to think that she should not play anymore. However, beach volleyball mainly helped her overcome these thoughts and play with a better mindset.

“I saw my growth after college both indoor and beach, but mostly with beach, I learned to be more aware of everything like not just [with myself], but with my partner as well,” she said in the 4th Episode of The Hang Time Podcast.

She also stated that a book also made her realize that when you make mistakes, you should not dwell on it because it already happened and is in the past. Instead, one should focus more on the next plays and events.

As of late, Dzi was taking up her master’s degree in Sports Management in Los Angeles, but due to COVID-19, she had to return back home; she stated that this left her with questions about this decision as it had only been a month before it was put on halt.

The bigger disappointment that the pandemic brought her is that she was supposed to do her internship with the L.A. Chargers (of the NFL) as part of their Community Relations Team.


Dzi was also a special guest on "The Globally Ballin Podcast," check out her interview on the show with the link below:


“That’s the biggest reason why I decided to take up a master’s program and eventually choose this school was because of the internship and the fact that it’s based in L.A, and L.A. has 2 teams for every sport, so there’s a lot of opportunities,” she said.

With all these adversities, Dzi took the situation as a test and a challenge on her goals to determine whether she really wanted to do something and achieve it or not.

She advised that one should stick to their goals and see if it will still be the same even with all the hardships and sufferings that will come your way; as this is also something that she faces especially with her international studies and the steps that will follow.

“This pandemic is going to teach us to re-evaluate our priorities, test your patience, goals, in life, your relationships,” she stated.

Dzi Gervacio is currently in the Philippines, having more bonding moments with her brother, Josh, playing the guitar. The pandemic taught her that she has to choose and to be self-aware in order to be a good player and leader as well.


The entire interview of Dzi Gervacio (Episode 4 of Hang Time) can be found with the links below.


This piece was written by Carla Molina, a common contributor for Globally Ballin check out the link below to see all the articles by Carla Molina that revisit past episodes of the network in bring the story of the guests to article form as well.


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