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Early Analytical Review: PVL’s PLDT High Speed Hitters

The PLDT High Speed Hitters' journey from the last to the current PVL conference showcases a team in a phase of growth and strategic refinement. This analysis delves into their performance metrics, highlighting areas of improvement and consistency.

Savannah Davison

Last Conference Stats: The PLDT High Speed hitters displayed a balanced approach in the previous conference. They averaged 18.75 points per set across 40 sets, totaling 750 points. Their offensive strategy yielded 606 attack points, supported by 87 blocks and 57 aces. Despite a solid performance, the team was not spared with challenges, notably in attack and block faults, pointing towards opportunities for strategic improvements.

Current Conference Stats: This season, PLDT has shown a marked improvement in offensive potency. In just 6 sets, they've scored a total of 150 points, averaging a perfect 25 points per set. This increase is attributed to their 137 attack points and an enhanced attack success rate of 45%, up from last season's 34%. Additionally, their reception efficiency has improved to 51%, indicating stronger defensive setups.

Conference Comparison: Comparing the two conferences, PLDT's strategic adjustments are evident. They have transitioned from a solid yet conservative approach to a more dynamic and aggressive gameplay. This is reflected in their increased scoring efficiency, particularly in spikes and serves, and a more robust defensive strategy, marking a step up from their previous season's performance.

Summary of the First 2 Games: PLDT's recent matches against the Galeries Tower Highrisers and NXLED Chameleons have been a testament to their growing dominance. They won both matches in straight sets, displaying not only a powerful offense but also strategic depth. Their match against Galeries Tower Highrisers ended with a significant point differential (39), while the game against NXLED saw them amassing points effectively through varied skills.

Key Player Notes: Key players have played a pivotal role in PLDT's performance like Savannah Dawn Davison who contributed significantly in the team points thanks to her solid spikes. Also, the collective efforts of players in both offensive and defensive plays have been central to the team's success this season.

Conclusion and Look Ahead: As PLDT continues their campaign in the current PVL conference, maintaining this momentum will be crucial. The team's early successes against lower-ranked teams set a positive tone, but sustaining this performance level against stronger opponents will be the real test. The team's ability to adapt and continue improving will be critical for their aspirations in the playoffs and beyond.


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