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Eya Laure's Determined Play Leads Chery Tiggo Crossovers to Victory Over Petro Gazz Angels

In an intense matchup at the PhilSports Arena, Eya Laure of the Chery Tiggo Crossovers exhibited a performance that not only highlighted her skills but also her growth in the league. Against the Petro Gazz Angels, Laure scored a significant 21 points, leading her team to a four-set win in the Premier Volleyball League Second All-Filipino Conference.

Laure’s contribution was a blend of 15 attacks, four service aces, and two blocks, instrumental in the Crossovers' triumph with set scores of 25-15, 27-25, 18-25, 25-23. The game, which spanned over two hours, saw Laure stepping up during critical moments, particularly in the second set where the Crossovers overcame a late deficit to edge out the Angels 27-25.

This performance was not just a display of Laure's offensive prowess but also her defensive capabilities, providing six excellent digs and contributing to the reception and setting aspects of the game. Her all-around play was vital for the Crossovers as they battled through the sets, with Laure's actions speaking volumes of her dedication and potential.

The rivalry between Laure and her childhood idol, Aiza Maizo-Pontillas of the Petro Gazz Angels, added an emotional layer to the contest. Despite the Angels' loss, Pontillas led her team with 14 points, showing that Laure's admiration for the volleyball star is well-founded.

Laure, wearing the number 8 as an homage to Pontillas, not only faced her idol across the net but also outshone her in scoring and defensive plays. The game served as a testament to Laure's rising status in the sport and her capability to influence the game's outcome significantly.

As the Chery Tiggo Crossovers move up in the league standings, Eya Laure's performance against the Petro Gazz Angels solidifies her role as a key player for her team and a rising star to watch in the league. Her performance was honest, impactful, and certainly set the tone for her future encounters on the court.

The Chery Tiggo Crossovers, buoyed by Eya Laure's standout performance, now turn their focus to their upcoming game at the PhilSports Arena on Thursday, November 9, where they are set to face the 9th ranked NXLED Chameleons. This match presents an opportunity for the Crossovers to capitalize on their momentum and for Laure to continue demonstrating her considerable skills against a team that is looking to improve their standing. As the Crossovers seek to solidify their position in the league, all eyes will be on Laure to see if she can replicate or exceed her recent performance, which has set high expectations for both her fans and opponents alike.


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