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NXLED Chameleons' Maraguinot Delivers Steady Performance in Loss to Choco Mucho Flying Titans

In the competitive landscape of the Premier Volleyball League, Jhoana Maraguinot of the NXLED Chameleons offered a solid performance in their recent game against the Choco Mucho Flying Titans. Despite the team's setback with a straight-set defeat, Maraguinot's contribution stood as a highlight in the Chameleons' efforts.

The match at the Philsports Arena saw the Chameleons wrestling with form, ultimately conceding to the Titans' stronger play, which concluded with scores of 25-11, 25-20, 25-19. The Titans, consistent in their approach, notched their fourth straight win, demonstrating a level of play that the Chameleons found challenging to match​​​​.

Wearing the number 3 jersey, Maraguinot led her team with a commendable 14-point haul, marking her as the top scorer for the Chameleons in this encounter. Her performance included a mix of attacks contributing to the team's total of 33 attack points, though they fell short of the Titans' 47. These figures underscore her role as an essential contributor to her team's efforts in a demanding match​​​​.

Maraguinot's display was a positive takeaway for the Chameleons, serving as an example of the steady progress needed to compete at high levels. As the team looks to improve its standing in the league, Maraguinot's consistent scoring and on-court decisions will be vital. Her ability to maintain composure and deliver under pressure will be key as NXLED aims to build on their performances in upcoming games.

The road ahead for the NXLED Chameleons is filled with opportunities for growth and improvement. With Maraguinot's recent performance as a reference point, the team can rally and refine their strategies. Maraguinot's contribution in the face of a tough opponent like the Flying Titans is indicative of her capacity to be a steady force for her team. As the Chameleons move forward, they will likely rely on Maraguinot's skillset and experience to help steer the team towards more competitive showings in the future.


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