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Overseas Life

Playing ball overseas has changed my whole perspective on life and it’s almost as if I’ve been living in a box up until this point. Now it’s opened my eyes to different lifestyles, people, and culture.

The city of Vienna (Austria) is amazing extremely beautiful with a long history to learn. My team (Vienna Vikings) is filled with athletes who could definitely play in the states and who all have a winning mindset & mentality. It’s made living over here easy especially since they are fun, and they speak good English.

While having this opportunity, I’ve had the chance to visit a lot of different countries like Italy, Turkey, Czech Republic, Netherlands, etc. All great countries with history I couldn’t read in a text box in the US. My top 3 countries/cities I’ve been to are probably the following.

1. Vienna: because that’s home I love it here!

2. Rome: I like to think I’m a modern-day gladiator and Roman history fascinates me.

3. Prague so beautiful with the building structures and even the people. 

My message to anyone looking to come overseas is to play it as long as you can! If you come overseas embrace the culture and the people because they will appreciate that and love you back.

Outside of traveling I have to say this, GFL needs to play AFL in some sort of Championship game. I don’t care if they have imports, they can get this work too. Vikings not scared. 

2020 Champs Baby!


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