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PVL Offseason Shake-Up: Major Transfers and Their Impact on the 2024 Season

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*Please note that the PVL landscape is dynamic, and numerous player transfers have occurred since the writing of this article. As a result, this piece may not encompass the totality of the offseason moves.*

In the realm of Philippine sports, the Premier Volleyball League (PVL) stands as a beacon of growing popularity and fierce competition. As the major league for volleyball in the Philippines, the PVL has witnessed an unprecedented wave of player transfers in the recent offseason, reshaping the landscape of the league for the 2024 season.

Established as the cornerstone of professional volleyball in the Philippines, the PVL has seen a significant surge in popularity over the past few years. This growth has not only elevated the level of play but has also heightened the stakes for team compositions and player movements, especially during the offseason.

PVL Transfers

Major Transfers

Akari Power Chargers

  • Gains: Celine Domingo, Grethcel Soltones.

  • Losses: None reported.

  • Analysis: The acquisition of Celine Domingo strengthens the Chargers' middle blocker position, shoring up their defense. Gretchel Soltones brings versatility and attacking prowess, enhancing the team's offensive capabilities. Together, their skills promise to significantly boost the Chargers' performance in the upcoming season.

Chery Tiggo Crossovers

  • Gains: Aby Marño, Ara Galang.

  • Losses: None reported.

  • Analysis: The inclusion of Aby Marño and Ara Galang could enhance Chery Tiggo's attacking and blocking capabilities. Their experience and skills might compensate for any weaknesses in the team's frontcourt, providing a balanced and robust lineup.

Choco Mucho Flying Titans

  • Gains: Mars Alba, Mean Mendrez, Bia General.

  • Losses: Bea De Leon, Dennise Lazaro-Revilla.

  • Analysis: The acquisition of Mars Alba adds a dynamic playmaking option, possibly compensating for the loss of Bea De Leon's blocking prowess. Mean Mendrez's offensive capabilities could fill the void left by Dennise Lazaro-Revilla's departure. Bia General is expected to bolster the team's backcourt defense, addressing the gap left by Lazaro-Revilla.

Cignal HD Spikers

  • Gains: Dawn Macandili Catindig.

  • Losses: None significant reported.

  • Analysis: The signing of Dawn Macandili Catindig is a strategic boost for the Cignal HD Spikers’ defense. Her remarkable dig (47.60% success) and reception (62.34% success) rates from the previous conference underscore her expertise as a libero. Catindig's defensive acumen is set to enhance the team’s backline, providing a strong foundation for the Spikers' offensive setup.

Creamline Coolsmashers

  • Gains: Bea De Leon, Dennise Lazaro-Revilla.

  • Losses: Celine Domingo.

  • Analysis: Bea De Leon's arrival could reinforce the middle blocker position, which might have been weakened by Celine Domingo's departure. Dennise Lazaro-Revilla's defensive expertise as a libero could bring stability and experience to the backcourt, potentially elevating the team's overall defensive play.

Farm Fresh Foxies

  • Gains: Jolina Dela Cruz, Chinnie Arroyo, Julia Angeles, Ypril Tapia, Jaycel Delos Reyes, Caitlin Viray, and more.

  • Losses: None reported

  • Analysis: The Farm Fresh Foxies have made a strong statement with the acquisition of Jolina Dela Cruz and Caitlin Viray. Dela Cruz, known for her versatility and powerful attacks, is expected to bring a new level of dynamism to the team's offense. Viray's skills in defense and her ability to contribute in crucial moments add depth to the Foxies' roster. These signings position the Farm Fresh Foxies as a formidable force in the upcoming season.

NXLED Chameleons

  • Gains: Ivy Lacsina.

  • Losses: None reported.

  • Analysis: Ivy Lacsina's adaptability in playing different positions could offer the Chameleons much-needed versatility. Her skills could fill any gaps in the team's offensive or defensive strategies, making her a valuable addition.

Petro Gazz Angels

  • Gains: Myla Pablo, Michelle Morente, Mary Joy Dacoron, Ethan Arce.

  • Losses: Grethcel Soltones.

  • Analysis: Myla Pablo's return, combined with Michelle Morente's energy, could counterbalance the loss of Grethcel Soltones' offensive impact. Mary Joy Dacoron and Ethan Arce's presence might strengthen the team's middle blocking and defense, potentially covering any deficiencies left by departing players.

PLDT High Speed Hitters

  • Gains: Kim Dy, Kim Fajardo, Majoy Baron.

  • Losses: Mean Mendrez, Michelle Morente.

  • Analysis: The trio of Kim Dy, Kim Fajardo, and Majoy Baron could significantly enhance PLDT's frontcourt, balancing the departure of Mean Mendrez's offensive strength. The experienced setter, Kim Fajardo, may provide a strategic advantage; while different positions this can potentially help in filling the void left by Michelle Morente's exit.

Analysis of Transfers

The dissolution of the F2 Logistics Cargo Movers catalyzed a chain reaction in the PVL's transfer market. This free-for-all scramble for players led to some teams being overstocked, triggering a secondary wave of transfers. Notably, PLDT emerged as a major beneficiary of this offseason, significantly bolstering their roster. Chery Tiggo and Creamline Coolsmashers also made impactful moves, setting the stage for a highly competitive season. The Farm Fresh Foxies, with their strategic acquisitions, have positioned themselves as a team to watch out for.

Fan Reactions

The transfer season has sparked a frenzy among PVL fans, with widespread excitement over the major signings, particularly the high-profile acquisitions. The buzz around these transfers has fueled anticipation for the upcoming season, with fans eager to see how these new compositions will play out on the court.

Predictions for the Upcoming Conference

The 2024 PVL season looks set for a shake-up. Akari, with its blend of youth and new talent, could emerge as the dark horse, challenging established teams. PLDT's spotlight, fueled by key signings, may dim if Mika Reyes is sidelined, spotlighting their need for a solid performance from the new DLSU recruits. As for Farm Fresh Foxies, progress is on the horizon, but a playoff berth is a stretch this season. All of this while in the shadow of Creamline getting stronger.


This offseason has not only reshaped the PVL but also amplified the excitement and engagement of its fanbase. The flurry of transfers, including the standout moves by the Farm Fresh Foxies, showcases the teams' commitment to excellence and competition. As teams gear up and fans eagerly await, the PVL continues to solidify its place as a premier volleyball league in the Philippines, promising an exhilarating upcoming conference and a year filled with high-level volleyball action.

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