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Serving Up Success: PVL's Top 10 in Ace EFFICIENCY Revealed

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The art of serving in volleyball is more than just launching the ball across the net; it's about strategic impact and precision.

In the Premier Volleyball League (PVL), a player's service efficiency is a crucial measure, reflecting their ability to score aces while minimizing errors.

This article unveils the league's top 10 players in ace efficiency (for players who played at least 10 sets this past conference), highlighting their significant contributions to their teams.

The Elite Servers of the PVL:

  • Justine Dorog – An Outside Hitter for the Farm Fresh Foxies, Dorog opens our list with a 5% efficiency over 16 sets, demonstrating her emerging talent in pivotal match moments.

  • Maddie Madayag – As a Middle Blocker, she showcased 5% efficiency in 28 sets, underlining her importance in her team's strategic setup and is also one of the key factors for the Choco Mucho Flying Titans to end with a podium finish as the league runners-up.

  • Danika Gendrauli – Gendrauli, an Outside Hitter for the former Quezon City Gerflor Defenders, impressed the league with a 5% efficiency in 34 sets, proving to be a consistent and reliable server.

  • Trisha Genesis – Playing for the Akari Chargers, Genesis, an Outside Hitter, achieved a 6% efficiency across 30 sets, highlighting her strategic approach to serving and overall value.

  • Ara Galang – Galang, formerly of the F2 Logists and now, an Outside Hitter for the Chery Tiggo Crossovers, recorded a 6% efficiency in 39 sets with F2, proving her value as a pickup for the Crossovers.

  • Jade Gentapa – A Farm Fresh Foxies teammate, Gentapa, an Outside Hitter, attained a 7% efficiency in 14 sets, signalling her potential as a key server.

  • Grazielle Bombita – Bombita, an Outside Hitter for the former Galeries Tower Highrisers, matched the 7% efficiency of Gentapa but did it in 21 sets.

  • May Luna – As an Outside Hitter for the NXLED Chameleons, Luna also boasted a 7% efficiency, but, instead, over 24 sets, establishing her as a formidable force at the service line.

  • Alyssa Bertolano – As the second most efficient this past conference, Bertolano, an Outside Hitter for the Farm Fresh Foxies, shined with a 7% efficiency sustained across 31 sets, playing a critical role in her team's offensive play.

  • Imee Hernandez – Statistically the most efficient in service aces last conference, Hernandez, a Middle Blocker for the Chery Tiggo Crossovers, led the pack with an impressive 9% efficiency over 15 sets, standing out as a dominant server in the PVL.

Season Context: In the 2023 PVL Second All-Filipino, the Creamline Coolsmashers solidified their status as the league's powerhouse by clinching the championship, a feat that aligns with their consistent reputation as favorites.

An interesting subplot of the season, however, was the performance of their sister team, Choco Mucho Flying Titans, with Maddie Madayag — one of the top 10 efficient servers — contributing to their runner-up finish. Madayag's presence in the Choco Mucho lineup subtly underscores the depth of talent within these interconnected teams.

Adding another layer to the season's narrative was the Farm Fresh Foxies, who, despite finishing 10th in the league, remarkably had three players among the top 10 in service efficiency.

This paradox highlights a unique aspect of volleyball: individual excellence in specific skills like serving can exist independently of a team's overall standing.

The success of Farm Fresh's servers - Alyssa Bertolano, Jade Gentapa, and Justine Dorog - in the efficiency rankings puts a spotlight on the team's potential and individual talents, promising a dynamic future for the team.

The 2023 PVL season underscored the great impact of individual serving talent. It shows that volleyball is not just about the collective strength of team strategy, but also the value of each player.

While the Creamline Coolsmashers' championship win without any top 10 efficient servers underscores the effectiveness of a well-rounded team approach, the situation with the Farm Fresh Foxies, who despite having several top servers finished lower in the rankings, shows that individual serving prowess needs to be complemented by other game facets for overall success.

Interestingly, the case of the Chery Tiggo Crossovers, boasting a well-rounded team and having two players in the top 10, poses a compelling question: are they the perfect mix for a finals showdown?

This blend of individual skill and team harmony in Chery Tiggo's setup could very well be the formula for reaching the pinnacle of the league. The 2023 season, with its varied team compositions and strategies, illustrates the multifaceted nature of success in volleyball, where a harmonious combination of individual excellence and cohesive team play can lead to triumph.

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