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Hanging onto a Gem - Faith Nisperos

The sports world can be complicated and controversial at times, but in some instances, issues could be avoided when you simply give importance especially when you want to keep your key players in the squad.

This is what happened when Faith Nisperos shocked the National University (NU) community by announcing that she was leaving the team to join the Ateneo Lady Eagles for her college years.

During the last bit of her last high school playing years, Faith felt that the NU management was not exerting enough efforts to keep her in the team for the transition from being a Bullpup to a Bulldog, instead, there were other, bigger schools who stepped up and knocked on her door to invite her for training.

Reflecting on her recruitment train, she admitted that it was not hard for her to decide because the treatment that she experienced made her will to leave the team that much stronger.

“It wasn’t really hard na (already) because seeing how NU was treating me and nung nalaman ng mga tao na lilipat ako and how they treated me, mas pinanindigan ko na aalis ako,” she said in the 10th episode of The Hang Time podcast. (With the treatment I got from people when they knew that I was leaving, I became more firm with my decision that I will be leaving the team.)

In addition, she already knew that she wanted to go to Ateneo as she was also an Atenean during her elementary years in Davao and it was also she and her dad’s promise so they’d be together in Manila already.


Faith chatting with Kassie G of the Hang Time Podcast


“After 6 years of being apart, we are already together,” she said.

“Parang ang gaan ng pakiramdam ko when I went to Ateneo, and ang maganda pa, I felt that the team was also happy that I was there,” she added. (I feel light when I went to Ateneo and what makes it better is that I felt that the team was also happy that I was there.)

With all the recruitment fiascos, so to say, she never regretted being recruited by NU during her high school years because Coach Babes’ volleyball program was quite special; it formed her and other players both in their ability as a player and as a people.

Until now, the values she learned in high school are still instilled in her and she is eternally thankful for that, especially in handling social media issues.

“Our coaches were smart, they really plan ahead and maybe it’s all in how mentally and physically tough we were because Coach Babes trained us not just like high school players but like professional players already,” she said.

Currently, Faith is managing her perfume line alongside attending online classes where she just shifted to the BS Management program because during the pandemic, she discovered her love in managing a business and that’s where she looks forward after her college years aside from being a professional player.


Listen to the entire interview of Faith Nisperos (Episode 10 of The Hang Time Podcast) with one of the links below. Thank you and enjoy!


This piece was written by Carla Molina, a common contributor for Globally Ballin check out the link below to see all the articles by Carla Molina that revisit past episodes of the network in bring the story of the guests to article form as well.


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