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Pre Odds Cignal vs Chery Game 2

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The recent PVL match between Chery Tiggo Crossovers and Cignal HD Spikers, which Cignal won in four sets, provided some surprises compared to the pre-game predictions. The initial analysis favored Cignal slightly but anticipated a closely contested match. Chery Tiggo, seen as underdogs, were expected to challenge Cignal, particularly in the set spread bet.

Reflection on Game 1 Predictions and Outcomes:

  • Cignal's Strong Performance: Cignal's 4-set victory over Chery Tiggo surpassed expectations, particularly in their offensive capability.

  • Chery Tiggo's Struggle: Contrary to the predictions, Chery Tiggo was unable to keep the sets as tight as expected.

  • Bet Analysis: The over on total points bet proved lucrative, given the high-scoring nature of the match.

Betting Advice for Game 2:

  • Cignal's Momentum: Bettors should consider Cignal's current form, especially their offensive strength, as demonstrated in game 1.

  • Chery Tiggo's Potential: Look for potential adjustments from Chery Tiggo and the impact of key players like the Laure sisters.

  • Set Spread and Moneyline: While exact odds for game 2 aren't available yet, the set spread and Moneyline bets will be key areas to watch.

  • Over/Under Bets: Given the high-scoring first game, the over/under bets will again be significant, especially if the teams maintain their offensive form.

For game 2, bettors should consider the following betting angles, based on game 1's outcome and team dynamics:

  1. Cignal's Moneyline: Given their strong performance, a bet at around -160 to -170 would be reasonable.

  2. Set Spread for Chery Tiggo: If Chery Tiggo shows resilience, a +1.5 set spread at odds closer to +150 could be a value bet.

  3. Over on Total Points: Expecting another high-scoring game, an over bet set around 180 points at -120 odds seems promising.

  4. Prop Bets on Key Players: Look for odds on individual performances, especially from standout players in game 1.

In the end, game 1 between Chery Tiggo Crossovers and Cignal HD Spikers saw Cignal outperform expectations, leading to a shift in betting considerations for game 2. Bettors should focus on Cignal's strengthened odds in the Moneyline, possibly around -160, and Chery Tiggo’s potential resilience, making a +1.5 set spread at +150 a compelling choice. The high-scoring nature of the first game suggests an over bet for total points around 180 at -120 odds. Finally, prop bets on key performers could offer additional value. These insights should guide bettors in making informed decisions for the upcoming game.

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